Friday, April 24, 2009

More HDR & New Cards

A couple things on the docket...

I did some more HDR photos the other night just before dusk. The wind was really blowing hard so it made the clouds have a real "creamy" look to them. The three exposures were quick, but the cloud movement between shots when merged really added to the "ominous" look of the final processed photo.

I am so blessed where I live. There are so many things to photograph within steps of my door. I grabbed these images right after taking the kids inside. Set them down, grabbed my camera and ran back outside.

I also put in new order for business cards...that's a good thing (I must be giving them out!). I want to keep the same branding, but just altered the look just a tad. I also did them with rounded corners which should be cool and different. I love the photo of the red chair that I got last summer. It really brings to mind a lot of different thoughts for different people. A very introspective that should be good to hand someone on a business card. Maybe they'll walk away thinking about it...and theMOMENTS that Matter.

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