Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally Some Sun!!

Well here in Minnesota we've waited and waited and waited for spring...and this afternoon, we're not quite sure, but it might have shown up!! I got outside with my new Cabelas camo hat and played in the rocks. That's going to be one of my favorites! Then we got in the stroller and went for a long walk. Sogn had that "I've-been-waiting-six-months-for-this" kind of look on his face the whole time! It was so sunny and warm. I even got to put sunscreen on my cheeks.

Mommy and daddy have been really busy lately trying to figure out where to move to. We have some folks lined up to rent our house so we need to move. We all have our favorite places, but they might not be where we end up for the time being.

I am being a real chatterbox lately. I know exactly what people are talking about when they talk to me and I really, really want to talk back, but the words just don't come out quite right yet. Not too long though!!

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