Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Seniors 2008 Wrap Up

Haven't shot too much besides a couple shots of Cameron and Wyatt outside with our April 1st snowman we made yesterday! That was a true April Fools joke getting a snowstorm here in MN. We didn't have school yesterday because of it. So that gave me a nice chance to get caught up on a few jobs. I have been nailing down many of the 2008 senior photo projects.

This was one from Derek's shoot this fall. He is getting ready to have his open house and we did a set of three invites from his photos. This was definitely my favorite of his images. I think that the invite turned out pretty decent too. The shot was taken in his garage which was under construction at the time. It was a bunch of sheetrock, new cement and cinder blocks. A simple one-strobe setup to camera right with a 36" umbrella and that's it.

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