Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Early Spring Snowman

Well a very unexpected April Fools joke occurred in the last 24 hours! We got a bunch of snow. So much snow that daddy got out of school early on Monday and didn't have school on Tuesday! We went to the farm early this morning to hang out with Wyatt while Gpa and Gma are gone in Las Vegas. And daddy got to stay all day with us. So we made a snowman! It was starting to melt really fast though, so we quick took a couple photos. I have a little bit of a cough coming on so we didn't stay outside too long...and because of that I cried when we went in! I just love being out there!

I was crawling around at Gma's house when mommy noticed that I got real quiet across the room. Mommy wondered what I was doing and she came to check it out. I had a ladybug in my hand and gently handed it to my mommy!

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