Thursday, March 27, 2008

Change Lives Campaign

Kinda strayed away from some photo catch up in the past day or so to get a logo finished up for MN FFA and their campaign to promote agricultural education as a career. They are putting together some things leading up to the MN State Convention in a few weeks, so I have had the opportunity to work with them on some of their design and photography.

I really struggled with the juggling of elements in this one. I was moving things around a lot and changing colors frequently. Being in my high school graphic design classes each day it is nice to bounce ideas off them occasionally. It's good real world experience for them too.

There is a similar campaign going on nationally and Minnesota wanted a similar look, but bringing a little more local flair into it. I am not sure how crazy I am about it, but they were pretty excited so I guess I will leave it at that.

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