Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Up the Stairs

It seems there are all kinds of new milestones for me and I am changing a whole bunch each day! Daddy is on spring break this week and stayed home with me all day yesterday until mommy got home from bells last night. We played, slept, ate, repeat! We went for a couple rides in the truck to the grocery store and to Home Depot. I got to ride around in the cart and play with bolts and things that daddy handed me.

Some of my new things:

I am clearly going up all the stairs on my own...and quickly, I might add.

I am adding parts of words to my vocabulary each day. Last night's new one...chuh-chuh-chuh-chers. That's CHEERIOS for those of you who weren't following me clearly.

I help to put my toys away in their boxes with some help.

I am trying to stand pretty much the whole time I am awake.

I am drinking pretty well from my sippy cups now.

I love to arrange and organize things. I put things into others and take them out over and over.

I love to help with the dishwasher...loading and unloading is right at my height!

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