Thursday, March 27, 2008

My First State Tournament

I spent most of the day yesterday with daddy at the Target Center for the State Basketball Tournament. Mommy had some meetings and joined us later in the afternoon, but I got to watch three straight games with daddy. It was great! There were lots of things to look at and listen to like the game, bands, cheerleaders, bright lights, banners and lots of people!! We sat for most of the day with our buddies Scott Axtell and Mark Kieffer. They are both guys that daddy coached with at Mayo High School. Mayo played and unfortunately lost to Henry Sibley in a good game. I had a pretzel, chicken sandwich and some fries for lunch! Daddy has been at the state tournament since he was my age and told lots of people that he visited with that he never thought he'd be pushing a stroller around the tournament. I'm glad he did though because I was having a great time.

This photo isn't related to the tournament, but was me at Gma Deb's the other day. Funky glasses!!!

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