Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

Well I had a great weekend. Mommy, daddy and I went down to Winona to see Gma Rosemary. Great Aunt Cally stopped over too. We had a nice visit and had pizza too! Gma gave me my bottle and it was just great!

I got my easter basket at Gma and Gpa Addington's too. It had some colored eggs (which left my mouth blue) and lots of yellow grass. I got a great new tractor book too (grrrrrr). That's one of my favorite things to talk about!! I watched the bobcat plow snow outside the other day for quite a while and made my tractor noises the whole time. Mommy thought she was going to have to teach me those "boy" things, but she now realizes that they are inborn.

We went to chuch (another one of my new words) and then off to Aunt Sue's house in Zumbrota. It was great to see everyone there and we had a great time. I got some other cool little basket gift again too! One new backhoe tractor, a Twins shirt and some sunglasses!

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