Monday, March 24, 2008

Photoblog Commitment

After being on spring break this last week and basically feeling like I fell farther behind than I already was, I got back to work today to an overwhelming number of things to catch up on. And like usually happens, my digital ADD got me in trouble. I got off on a million tangents and never really got anywhere...anywhere but inspired to do a better job of blogging. So much so that I got all my students on board with both Bloglines and our virtual school I set up at Ning.

I finally got going with Bloglines a while back to save some of the overwhelming feeling of all the info I wanted to peruse each day. Now it organizes my feeds and RSS so I can scan and sort a lot better. After teaching photography and photoshop for 12 years I can now say that I have learned more in the past year than I have in the 11 previous years combined. Much of this is due to the time I spend learning from others.

The cool site of the day today is Jason D. Moore's photograpy blogroll.It is a great meeting place for, as Jason says, "Pixel Jockeys and Light Writers". I plan on spending some significant time there each day. It links to several other great sites within the community and thus, leads me back to the ADD thing.

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