Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Telling Jokes

"So did you hear the one about what the cow said to the bartender?"

I thought my cousin Wyatt would think that my jokes were more funny?? Oh well, we got some cute photos taken together. Both of us were kinda hungry though so the photo session didn't last too long! The rest of the photos are HERE.

Sorry I haven't been on the blog much lately. We have been staying at our friends the Marings house in Sogn Valley the past couple weeks and I am too busy watching the cuh-cuh-cuh-cows and duh-duh-duh-deer out the window. I even get out to help with chores a little bit now that it's warming up. We love staying here and hope that we can move down here soon so that I can grow up here.

And speaking of growing up here, I am looking forward to BEING A BIG BROTHER!!!! That's right, we are adding another one to family in mid-October. I am really excited about that as are mommy and daddy!!

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