Thursday, March 20, 2008

03.20.08 SARA & COLLIN

What an awesome time we had today!! Sara and Collin were just awesome to spend a couple hours with in Rochester, MN. It was the last day of winter (thankfully) and they endured the dipping temperature, increasing winds, awful mix of snow, water and mud and even a ackward pile of well....I will just leave it at that!! These guys got engaged in August and I can't wait to shoot their wedding coming up in June. I have said it before, but it's such a blessing to be trusted by people that are in love to capture their time together. I really felt that way again today. These two are pretty crazy about each other and it was just fun to spend time with them.

Now all that said, I feel like we got some great images! This time of year in MN is pretty drab for light and color, but we nailed some great ones. I was especially jacked about our shots after stopping at a parked (though the engine was running) train near downtown. They aren't your typical "engagement" shots, but have an urban, grungy feel that I really like. It was just that early evening time and the ambient light around those railcars was pretty sweet.
I can't wait to keep working with Sara and Collin again in the coming months. Here's a few...

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