Saturday, April 5, 2008

My First Haircut

As you could probably see from some of my photos, my hair was getting a little out of control. I had some serious wings coming out on the side and was getting some "hockey hair" in the back. Mommy and daddy held out until close to my first birthday to get it done.

It actually went pretty well. I got it cut at the same place and the same barber that daddy gets his cut...our bathroom and my daddy!! Mommy held me on her knee and we read a couple books. The way I read these days, I am pretty actively looking around on the pages, so my head was moving quite a bit. That's going to be daddy's excuse on the bad spots anyway!! Daddy was lobbying to leave the back to grow long so I could have a mullet like he used to have, but mommy said "NO WAY!!". All in all, it turned out pretty well and makes me look like a little boy.

I am getting excited for my birthday party this weekend too. We're going to the farm on Sunday and it should be lots of fun. Mommy has been doing a lot of cooking, baking and cleaning getting ready. I am pretty excited.

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