Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kirsten's Proofs

Just finishing up on the proofs for my last senior package for the class of 2008. Kirsten's exposures, though "resting" for the winter, really turned out great. I had a little work to do on her proofs, but things turned out wonderfully and I am sure those prints are going to be great as well.

Amidst the post work on these, I discovered some great techniques in working with skin softening and slight retouching. I have gotten pretty reliant on converting a layer for CS3's smart filters and then applying a slight surface blur. Stick a mask on top of that and then softly brushing back in the areas where smoothing is needed from the blur. The Smart Filters is a great option, because you're never stuck with too much or too little of the softening. That is especially nice when you sit down with the client to see what their thoughts are.

Here are some of Kirsten's photos. (click to see larger)

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