Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aaron & Marie

Just an absolutely fabulous wedding. I could stop writing there and let you just see the photos because I think they partly do it justice. Aaron & Marie were so easy to photograph and even though the rains came later in the day, we got some wonderful shots. It was a day filled simply with laughter and celebration.

We changed gears on the way from the wedding in Goodhue to the reception in Rochester. We had hoped to stop at the park to take some photos, but the rain changed that. So I stopped at the Covered Bridge in Zumbrota and set up some strobes to light the inside of the bridge on this dreary afternoon. The bus pulled in, dropped Aaron & Marie off, we snapped away for about 10 minutes and they hopped back on the bus. We got some great exposures.

This beautiful couple and this day were one of my favorites of all time. I feel like some of these exposures will be some that I will measure against for a long time. Their profile page with many more photos is your to check out!

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