Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trash the Dress

Okay...I am not gonna lie...this was one of the funnest sessions I have ever done! It was my first TTD (the new rage in wedding photography) and turned out awesome! Aaron & Marie got all dressed up again after Saturday's wonderful wedding and we went out on this gorgeous, sunny spring day and nailed it!

We started at the abadoned Jake's Exotic Dance Club...well, in the parking lot actually where there was an old Winnebago parked (maybe from their last customer{or employee}). Not only a crazy spot, but we were only feet off of highway 52, one of Minnesota's busiest highways, during rush hour! It was classic. Cars honking...haha! We cruised down 52 to the Silver Bell Motel, into the beautiful country of Sogn Valley and finally ended in downtown Cannon Falls.

It was a great session and I think all three of us enjoyed it. It was nice to shoot without a crazy time schedule and the pressures and stresses of the wedding day.

Besides the link to the photo composite above, I have a set on my Flickr page and you can of course, check out their wedding gallery on my website.

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