Monday, May 19, 2008

Carla & Luke

What a wonderful day with Carla and Luke. These guys and their wedding party were an absolute riot to hang around all day! I shared many laughs along the was with this great group. Carla looked just stunning and the gorgeous day complimented her so well. I was again humbled that folks would trust me to capture their day and I feel like we got some images that did that. Here is a link to their wedding galleries. I apologize for any photos that are a little blurry...that's me shaking from laughing so hard all day long! Even when I went calf-deep into the swamp at the golf course trying to shoot and not watch where I was walking!

As I kept pouring over the photos, I was reminded over and over of all the beautiful colors of the day. The pinks and yellows in the flowers, the vibrant green grass on this sunny spring day and the blues that matched Carla's eyes with the sky. It was hard to envision anything but bright, vibrant color photos for these guys!!

A small, interesting aside with this wedding...thirty years ago, Carla's mom and dad, Barry and Sharon were married. They had a little ring bearer that day who wore a sweet white tux and had candy cigarettes! That was me! Wow...I can seriously remember those candy cigarettes! In Barry's speech at the reception, he even mentioned the story. Not too often that the wedding photographer gets mentioned in the father of the bride's speech. It was a little embarrassing, but still a neat story.

Carla and Luke are off to Italy to start their life together. They are a wonderful couple who if you spend five minutes with them, know that they were meant to be together. It just makes you feel good to be around them. I wish them all the best and thank them again for allowing me to be a part of their day.

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