Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Moved!!

Okay...Where have I been!??!?! Amidst all kinds of busy-ness following my birthday including the State FFA Convention...we up and moved in the course of about 2 weeks! We have some friends renting our place in Farmington and moved to an old (1890) creamery in Sogn Valley between Cannon Falls and Kenyon. It is down the hill from where daddy lived for four years in the late 90's. This is the place that feels most like home for us and we are so grateful to be back "in the valley".

We are also much closer to school and both grandmas and grandpas!! Mommy still goes to the office in the cities once in a while.

Sogn is loving being back too. He can run in the wide open fields and lay in the sun all day long. We packed his leash somewhere and don't need it!

Speaking of packing...where is ___________(fill in the blank with almost anything)?? That's what we're asking each other as we are living amongst boxes stacked on boxes. That's okay and I am a big help in unpacking just as I was in packing the boxes!!

I am on the verge of walking as I can stand on my own for several seconds before I realize I am not touching anything and then sort of tip over softly. I like to walk with someone holding my hand or travel around the furniture with one hand recklessly holding onto something. My new from last night...PIZZA.

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