Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trips to Grandma & Grandpa's

I have a couple great little videos to share with you! I have been to both grandparents houses in the last week and had some great times. I got to sit in the tractor with daddy at the farm. It was awesome!! Grandpa Don has been really busy trying to get his planting finished, so I didn't get to see him much.
I just love the tractor and the instant that I get out of the truck and see them I am making my tractor sounds!

The other video is from last night with Grandpa Gary. He picked a dandelion and blew the little seeds off and I thought this was just HILARIOUS!

I am starting to communicate more now. Just this morning I was having some toast (favorite meal) and was getting thirsty. I looked at daddy, pointed at the fridge and said, "jui, jui, jui". Daddy got me my JUIce and I was really happy to drink from my sippy cup. Then we were getting ready to leave and mommy told me to get my hat. I crawled (not ready to walk on my own yet) into the other room, opened the top of my diaper bag, grabbed my hat and brought it back to mommy!!

This all happened before we went to the doctor. Mommy had an ultrasound and we got to see photos of my new brother or sister. It was really neat and I really liked looking at all the photos of the "ba, ba, ba"s on the wall. That is my word for ball AND baby. (I assume you know that I was talking about BABY and not ball in this case).

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