Friday, July 27, 2007

Camden Yards - Baltimore

This was definitely a full day. We started out by getting dressed up and heading off to Arlington National Cemetery. We saw JFK's gravesite and a very moving ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Officers got to participate in the laying of wreath ceremony. It was very, very hot though...especially to be dressed up. The kids had to wear official dress which includes their blue jackets!! There are more photos in the State Presidents' Conf gallery.

Mommy worked some in the afternoon while I was fussy with daddy. Finally I took a little nap. Then we went to Baltimore for the Orioles and Yankees game. It was awesome to be at Camden Yards and outdoor baseball. It was a fun game even though I spent much of the game being walked around the concourse trying to fall asleep. A Rod didn't hit his 500th home run, but it was still fun. I am a bit ashamed that my first game wasn't with the Twins though?!

We got back late and daddy has to get up early to fly back home tomorrow morning. Mommy and I leave on Sunday. I am ready to get home.

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