Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am such a happy boy!! We came back to this place that mommy and daddy seem to be calling "home" for a couple of days. It is a nice place and has a for sale sign in the front yard (still). I can't quite remember being here for quite a while!

We had a nice couple days here though. Daddy's first impressions of me after a week were how I looked a little more chunky. I can say that I did eat a lot last week. My face, arms and legs seem to have filled out a little more.

Aunt Amy came and watched me on Thursday night when I got home. Mommy and daddy went on a date to the Alison Krauss concert. Amy and I had a good time!!

Friday we went to the farm. There was a shower for Aunt Lindsay and my cousin who is coming in a month or so. Today we went to Hok-Si-La Park in Lake City with all the Lunde side for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

Tomorrow we are (take a guess)...heading out of town!! We are going to Trout Lake for the week. Then home for a couple days and then off to Washington DC. I am quite the little traveler! I love it though, and thus...all these smiles!! I am making some funny laughing sounds now too! Especially when daddy tells all those funny jokes!

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