Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Washington DC

The FFA State Presidents' Conference is now underway. Mommy had quite a few things to do today, but daddy and I made our way around town quite a bit. I saddled up in the Baby Bjorn and off we went. Hit the Metro, took to the streets and saw some more sights. I fell asleep part way into it, but daddy took my photo in front of the White House. I think we'll be back there later when I am awake!!

Tonight we went to the Iwo Jima War Memorial and watched the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps play and the silent rifle company show. It was really awesome to see that in such a hallowed and patriotic spot in our country. Nate Jannsen and Amber Seibert are the Minnesota State Officers that are here so mommy and I got our photo taken with them and a Marine Officer afterwards. There are more photos in the State Presidents' Conf gallery.

I got a little cranky on the way home because I was so hungry, but the Metro was really crowded and we just couldn't stop to eat. We made it back to the hotel though, ate and I fell asleep quickly! It was another great day.

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