Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rolling Over

Well I am just that close! I have really started to work on my rolling over and if it weren't for my left arm being so muscular, I think I would be on my tummy! I just can't seem to get that arm out of the way. I like to get most of the way over and then just lie on my side and smile and giggle. My legs really get a good workout though because they are kicking like crazy trying to get the rest of me over the top!

Mommy and I got back safely on Sunday afternoon after a great trip to DC. We went to the farm yesterday and mommy and daddy moved a few things while I stayed with Grandma Deb. I even got to go in the tractor. I can't wait until I am a little older and can drive the big green tractor at the farm!

Today, mommy had a meeting at the fair so daddy and I spent the morning together. I was a little fussy but we still had a great time. I went with him to Northfield to meet with a couple about their upcoming wedding photos. We went to meet mommy in the afternoon.

Gotta get back to my rolling over exercises...if I can get that down, mommy and daddy won't be able to look away from me at all...that's my goal!!

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